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Move with Oov but get it right!

Bodyworks Physiotherapy has staff who are specially trained on the use of the “Oov” for functional exercises. The Oov is a cleverly designed prop that assist the body to maintain its correct alignment while learning to move, strengthen and  stretch correctly. The Oov contours the spine to insure that all the correct curves are in […]

The benefits of ice baths

There is limited medical research that supports the use of ice baths in non-contact sport. The evidence in fact indicates that cool water is just as effective for recovery as ice and ice can be detrimental to neural conditions (eg. sciatica). So, ice baths are great but keep it for the Christmas beers 🙂

Work Station Set Up

In most office places, standard sized desks are expected to accommodate non-standard sized people!  It’s a bit like a shoe manufacturer only making one size of shoe and expecting everyone to adjust their feet to fit them!! Whilst many office-style chairs now allow for individual alterations, they must still ultimately fit pre-determined bench heights. Research […]

What can I do to help my back?

A healthy pain free back relies on maintaining the normal curves of the spine. Your lower back should have a small inward curve in it, almost all the time.  Unfortunately, when most people in western society sit, they flatten out this lower curve and thus disrupt the normal spinal mechanics.  Couches, car seats and most […]

Correct sitting posture

Most anatomists, biomechanists and good musculoskeletal therapists agree that correct sitting posture (to ensure a happy, healthy spine) should maintain the normal spinal curves – particularly the small curve in the lower back. Unfortunately most occupational health and safety recommendations dictate that the thighs should be parallel to the floor. This position actually results in […]

The Perfect Chair

Many desk-workers spend considerable time and money trying to find “the perfect chair”… which holds them in a comfortable, biomechanically correct position so that they don’t get back pain, neck pain or R.S.I symptoms.  The bad news is no such chair exists….you can sit badly on any and every chair and sit well in most […]

Musculoskeletal pain in Pregnancy

Many women experience lower back, buttock and/or leg pain during pregnancy. Some also complain of unusual neck and arm pains. Whilst it is convenient to blame hormone changes and the shift in the body’s centre of gravity during pregnancy, it is my experience that women who complain of musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy usually had an […]


Many headaches occur as the result of dysfunction in the neck (or cervical spine). Doctors will often refer to headaches as “cervico-genic”, as in “from the neck” or tension-type headaches, relating to stress. In reality even tension headaches can originate from the neck because, when we are stressed, we often raise our shoulders, using the […]

Have I damaged my back?

The spine consists of bony blocks called vertebrae which are bound together by strong ligaments.  These are reinforced by large powerful muscles which move the vertebra and also provide support to the vertebra.  It is therefore very difficult to actually damage your spine.  The spinal cord runs down the middle of the bone and is […]

Correct lifting technique

Most people are aware of the phase “bend your knees and keep your back straight” to lift…… unfortunately this frequently gets misinterpreted as “keep your back VERTICAL”…….. which not only feels awkward but will also make you less stable and therefore at risk of injury. The correct technique is to bend your knees and stick […]