Bodyworks Physiotherapy has staff who are specially trained on the use of the “Oov” for functional exercises.

The Oov is a cleverly designed prop that assist the body to maintain its correct alignment while learning to move, strengthen and  stretch correctly. The Oov contours the spine to insure that all the correct curves are in the correct places and therefore, and equally  importantly, the muscles that create all body movements are also in the correct position. Muscles have an optimum length at which they gain optimum power or, in which they work efficiently without strain. This “length-tension” relationship is often compromised by our cultural reliance on sitting causing poor posture and a disruption of the usual spinal curves.

The Oov makes it easier to get exercises right! Many people undertake exercises for various pains, most commonly lower back pain, with the assumption that doing a few exercises can make nasty symptoms disappear. The problem is that most patients who have pain are getting that pain because they have poor movement patterns…….so they are in a very poor position to decide whether or not they are doing an exercise correctly!! If you think of playing tennis and realise that your tennis serve is ineffective you will likely see a coach to improve it. The coach doesn’t demonstrate the correct action or send you home with a few pictures on a piece of paper, the coach analyses what you’re doing, where you’re going wrong, corrects the errors, watches you while you practice to insure you are practising the correct technique (otherwise you will get very good at doing the wrong thing!!) THEN you are set free to continue to practice by yourself until you have mastered the skill.

Exercises are way more difficult to do correctly than most people think……the Oov increases your chances of getting it right but you still need a coach. At Bodyworks Physiotherapy your movement coach goes by the name of Natalie Bruce! And she is also an expert in getting the most out of the Oov.
So “Get moving with your Ooving”!