Alex Bell, Manager, Bodyworks Belrose

Alex studied at Monash University in Melbourne where he received a number of coveted academic awards such as The Eliza McAuley Memorial Prize, the Year Four Bachelor of Physiotherapy Prize and the Faculty Award for Top Year 4 Student (In recognition of exceptional performance in the Physiotherapy program).

Alex commenced his physiotherapy career in a private practice in Melbourne. Upon seeing the light and making the wise decision to re-locate to the Northern Beaches of Sydney, his belief in the benefits of “hands-on” therapy made him the perfect fit for Bodyworks.

Alex has extensive clinical experience in sports therapy from a wide range of sports including swimmers, triathletes, runners, golfers, soccer players and Australian Rules Footballers , from a more elite level to the ‘weekend warriors’. He has skills in kinesio-taping and dry needling as well as exercise rehabilitation.

Alex also has a great interest in the treatment of spinal issues such as neck and lower back pain with particular focus on the relationship pelvic control and lower back pain. He manages the Bodyworks Physiotherapy practice within the CrossFit Wellbeing Exercise Centre in Belrose where he is responsible for keeping hard-working bodies in good health!

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