Alice Tarnawski

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Alice Tarnawski is a Senior Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor at Bodyworks Physiotherapy. Alice is a graduate of the University of Sydney with a passion for assessing and treating musculoskeletal pain using a combination of hands on techniques and functional exercise including Pilates.

Alice’s other areas of interest include pelvic floor dysfunction, where she is trained in the use of real-time ultrasound to safely and non-invasively assess and train the ‘core’ and pelvic floor to help both men and women reduce trouble with leakage, discomfort and pain.

Alice is the resident expert in the use of ‘Gaitscan’ technology which is used to assess and prescribe customised orthotics which may benefit those with lower limb injuries such as plantar fasciitis, knee arthritis, hip bursitis or Achilles tendinitis.
As an Australian representative in the sport of sailing both nationally and internationally, she has developed a passion for treating, assessing and preventing sailing-related injuries, particularly concussion. Alice has delivered concussion focused educational seminars to various sporting clubs to improve the understanding of this condition and explain the benefits of appropriate management and rehabilitation.

In 2019 Alice completed her first Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, as well as represented Australia in the Farr 40 World Championships held in Long Beach, California. Alice is passionate about movement and when she is not in or on the water, you can often find her in the gym, walking, on a Pilates reformer or hanging out with friends and family.

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