Noriko Miyake, Massage Therapist

Noriko joined Bodyworks Physiotherapy in 2011 as the primary massage therapist. She studied massage therapy as a mature student following her own experience with a severe musculoskeletal injury and is now dedicated to minimising pain and physical impairment for her clients.

She has undertaken advanced training in the management of lymphedema and Oncology Massage for people who are/have going/gone through cancer treatment and is a member of Oncology Massage Training.

She is qualified in Remedial Swedish, Relaxation, Trigger Point and Deep Tissue massages and has achieved the high standard that is recognized by the private health funds for the purposes of health fund rebates.

When she is not at Bodyworks she is providing her care to clients dealing with addiction and mental illness or keeping the elderly moving.

Noriko displays a rarely witnessed passion for her vocation and poor her heart into each and every massage. Her clients are regularly heard to say “that was the best massage ever!”…that is, those that are still capable of audible speech!

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