Sports Physiotherapy


The therapists at Bodyworks Physiotherapy have a collective experience treating sports injuries from elite and Olympic levels to local amateur sport. Unlike most sports physiotherapists, we have the philosophy that we treat anatomy and it is our responsibility to insure the best possible function of that anatomy. So if you hurt your shoulder, we maximise the function of your shoulder and that in turn will enable you to swim, throw, shoot or bat to your best potential. Therefore, although we have extensive understanding of a huge number of sports, our approach to make sure you function at your best will guarantee that we have your sport covered.

In order to optomise your sport performance we offer the Bodyworks High Performance Unit, a biomechanical screening process which systematically assesses the function of each joint of the body and identifies any areas of increased risk for injury or poor performance. This process includes accessing the technology of the MCRU (to objectively measure neck muscle function), real time ultrasound to determine core stability and deep hip strength and the GaitScan TM screening for foot function.

The program has proven results in a number of high level athletes involved in a wide variety of sports including soccer, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, FMX motosport and basketball.

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