In most office places, standard sized desks are expected to accommodate non-standard sized people!  It’s a bit like a shoe manufacturer only making one size of shoe and expecting everyone to adjust their feet to fit them!!

Whilst many office-style chairs now allow for individual alterations, they must still ultimately fit pre-determined bench heights.

Research indicates that your working desk height should be approximately half your body height….so be prepared to put some bricks or blocks under your current desk.

Ideally, you should set yourself up correctly on your chair then change your desk to suit. The best possible workstation is an adjustable height desk that can be raised to waist height so that you can stand up from time to time to work and then prop on a high stool to rest your legs.

Ask your physiotherapist to educate you regarding workstation set up to insure you have reduced the risk of a poor set up contributing to your pain. However, always remember that the human body is beautifully designed to be upright and moving, not sitting or standing for prolonged periods.